Sanibel & Captiva’s Real Estate Closing Costs & Closing Check list
This is the standard closing costs for Sanibel, Captiva & SW Florida, for more information on Sanibel & Captiva’s Real Estate Closing Cost call Glenn directly at 239-850-9296

Closing Costs Estimated costs to the buyer:

  1. Intangible Tax for the loan amount
    (.002 x loan amount )
    example $300,000 loan x .002= $600.00
  2. Documentary Stamps
    (.0035 x loan amount)
    example $ 300,000 loan x .0035= $1050.00
    Other costs may include but are not limited to: Recording the loan, attorneys fees, survey. hazard/flood insurance, inspection cost, appraisal fee, proration of maintenance fee/homeowners fees, settlement fee, termite report, mortgage title insurance, and insurance prepayment.

Closing Costs Estimated costs to the seller:

  1. Brokers fee 6% or 7%
  2. Documentary Stamps on deed 7/1000 ( at $400,000 would run $2,800 )
  3. Title Insurance premium ( at $ 400,000 would run $ 2,200 +- )

Other costs may include, settlement fee, title search, title insurance binder, recording fee,special assessments.

Check list before closing for buyer and seller.

Embarq 800-339-1811
Lee county electric, 239-995-2121
Island water association 239-472-1502
Sanibel Sewage 239-472-1008
Garbage Veolia environmental services 239-334-1224
Cable TV Comcast 239-432-9277 or Direct TV 800-531-5000

Important items to check prior to closing:

  1. Home inspection repairs completed Buyer given paid receipts on repairs.
  2. Survey
  3. Condo consent to transfer
  4. Closing funds – need wiring instructions from title company.
  5. Buyer and seller need photo ID for closing
  6. Buyer given security codes, keys, mailbox keys, phone numbers of key vendors.

Other items- date, time and location of closing. If mail-away will need to turn around the closing package in one day. HAVE A NOTORY READY FOR YOU!
Please phone me with any questions- 239-850-9296

Voter registration 239-339-6300
Internet providers comcast
embarq DSl
drivers license