Sanibel Island Florida


Sanibel Island – Whenever I cross over the toll bridge to my Sanibel Home, I am amazed at it’s beauty and simplicity. We don’t have high rises or packed beaches. Our beaches are filled with seashells, footprints, a mix of birds and a feeling of peaceful tranquility. If you are a morning person, you will find the “East End “a big sunrise and on the “West End,” if a sunset enthusiast, the most brilliant sun-downs imaginable.

When I drove over the bridge some 28 years ago, I never went back home to Briarcliff, New York. Life is just too good on Sanibel Island.

Dwelling units Single family # 3894
Condominiums # 3115

Beach frontage : 11.75 mi

Bay frontage : 3.75 mi

Conservation land over 60% of Sanibel is conservation land. Resident population has increased over the last 30 years from 1975 # 2,875 to 2005 # 6272 .

We are just about at build-out. No beach front condos areas left to build, the last ones went up in the early 2000’s. There are a few vacant lots remaining on island which have not been developed, but the density is controled by the city government and every tree and square foot of land is accounted for. Welcome to the Islands